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Lochthorn Dental Care Reviews

“When you have a phobia of going to the dentist it makes it so much easier when the dentist (Allan Matthews) takes time to show proper professionalism and exceptional patient care that helps ease that stress and can even get a smilie from you. His dental nurse is such a bubbly and friendly person makes your visit so much easier thanks guys I would recommend this dental practice to anyone especially those with a phobia as they say ‘laughter is the perfect medicine’ keep up the good work and thanks for being patient with me.” Ms A.

“So good to have a caring and attentive dentist at last. All staff very friendly and helpful.” Mrs KMc

“Alan and his staff are brilliant, friendly, informative and extremely welcoming, excellent in their chosen profession and would recommend them to all.” Miss JK

“Absolutely wonderful young man and his staff. It makes it a pleasure to visit the dentist!! Long may it continue.” Mrs JH

“Both my partner and myself were really impressed with the care we received from all the staff we came into contact with at Lochthorn Dental Clinic. I honestly can’t recommend them highly enough, they were thorough, sensitive and seemed incredibly passionate about the work they do. Thanks so much!”

Lochthorn Dental Clinic

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